Profilfoto Angie

1995 started the hairy-story, I was working until 2000 in Linz (AT) and then I started my carrier in London (UK). As my fate it wanted it, I started in the craziest in London PEPIS in Camden Town. There I had very turbulent and funky times.

My work got very intense and challenge full, because there was no boarder to being creative with different with hair and materials. My cliental was very and still is international under the kind of people are different artists, all over the world.

Everything was perfect in UK, but the weather started to pissing me off!!! So I changed my place more south to Spain!

PEPIS opened up a new shop in Barcelona: Hospital del Arte!

2003 my dream came true, I moved to Barcelona. Here they weren’t as crazy as in London, but I had the chance to get new knowledge about areas like TV, show, event, vernissage and photo shootings. 2004 the hole Londoner crew of PEPIS split of.

I also decided to leave PEPIS in Barcelona and started my own business.

This was the day when PELOCO got birth!

peloco angie